Many Fletcher alum in Copenhagen

January 4, 2010

My time at COP-15 was like a fast roller coaster ride. Emotions and moods went up and down, hour to hour. The entire two weeks sped along the rails extremely fast. Then it was over.

Demonstrating the far reaching nature of the Fletcher School, I attended COP-15 for several different reasons: to analyze proposed texts (drafts of possible treaties or accords) using the C-ROADS model, to promote an urban adaptation tool developed with MIT, to meet with country delegates and NGOs, and, as it turns out, to meet Fletcher grads.

I met Fletcher alum everywhere, simply by having my Fletcher-logo adorned briefcase. The prevalence of Fletcher grads surprised me. Having come to the Fletcher School in September, I’m still getting a sense of the school. I knew Fletcher is well-known, but I didn’t have a good idea of where all the graduates have gone. The answer, at least for two weeks this year, was Copenhagen. As I walked around the Bella Conference Center, took the metro, or sat in a restaurant, I continually was stopped by Fletcher alum. It was great: Everyone had a story, everyone was doing great work, and everyone was talking about the current news of the COP.

Fletcher was well represented in Copenhagen and, from everyone that talked with, truly engaged in the global climate negotiations process. I look forward to seeing everyone again in Mexico City.


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